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    • XP XTREM Hunter XTR-115 RC WSA II XL Metal Detector Depth Locating System

      The XP XTR-115 metal detector is a powerful tool for professional treasure hunters, offering a variety of features to help you discover hidden treasures. According to the manufacturer, this metal detector will be released before the end of 2023.

      Equipped with innovative FMF technology, this metal detector provides reliable and stable detection in various Ground conditions.

      Experience an exceptional search depth of up to 5 meters with the XP XTR-115 metal detector to detect large targets accurately and deeply. The advanced Ground balance ensures minimal interference and accurate target detection by automatically adjusting the detector to ground conditions.

      The wireless functionality of the XP XTR-115 metal detector gives you increased freedom of movement while detecting. The ergonomic design with adjustable handle also allows for customized comfort. You can easily discriminate against unwanted objects, such as iron, allowing you to focus your search on valuable items.

      The XP XTR-115 metal detector is fully compatible with the XP DEUS II system, including the remote control, headphones and FMF coils. The unit comes in a rugged protective case that keeps your equipment safe. With a solid weight of 2.9 kg, the detector is rugged yet fits easily into the optional XP Backpack 280.

      Experience a world of secret treasures with the XP XTR-115 metal detector and experience finding hidden riches!

      [XP] [RC] [WSA II XL]

      • XP – Name of the manufacturer
      • RC – Remote Control
      • WSA II XL – WSA Over-Ear Headphones


        • Equipped with the innovative FMF technology
        • Optimized Ground balance for reliable and stable detection
        • Extreme search depth of up to 5 meters
        • Updateable
        • Iron detection
        • Non-motion with adjustable autotune
        • Battery capacity more than 10 hours – 4 hours charging time
        • Wireless functionality for more freedom of movement when detecting
        • Ergonomic design with an adjustable handle for individual comfort
        • Ability to discriminate against unwanted objects
        • Full compatibility with the XP DEUS II system: headset, remote control, FMF Coil
        • Supplied in a robust protective case – case dimensions: 725x480x170mm
        • Solid 2,9kg
        • Length: mounted: 1,2m
        • Fits in XP backpack 280 (optional available)

      XP XTREM Hunter Settings:

        • Autotune adjustable
        • Reaction speed
        • Discrimination
        • Frequency scan AUto/Manuel 14 channels EMI Noise Cancel
        • Ground balance
        • Audio Treshold (background sound)
        • Equalizer
        • Program selection

      This should be kept in mind when using:

        • Do not wear metals such as belt buckles, cell phones, keys on your body – Check your shoes for metals beforehand, e.g. with a pinpointer.
        • The detection field builds up underneath the Coil – Point the device as straight as possible to the Ground.
        • The Xtrem Hunter must be held still and should not be swiveled

      Contents of delivery:

        • XTR115TX and XTR115RX FMF Coil
        • XP Remote control
        • XP WSAII XL radio headphones
        • XTR-Rod with specific S-Telescope Rod
        • XTrem Hunter user manual english (german manual will follow)
        • Accessories set (without charger)
        • XTR- case
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