Protection of personal data:

In Geohunter, Pvt, Ltd., We recognize the importance of protecting your personal data (whatever its nature) and value above all, honesty and transparency, so that it is possible for us to build a solid relationship and lasting with our customers based on trust and mutual benefit. Thus, with the entry into force of the new General Regulation of the EU Data Protection (EU 2016/679), we developed a set of security measures designed to protect your data and update our policy privacidade.Esta policy privacy aims to explain what personal data processing policy Geohunter, Pvt, Ltd. as if you would like to make your purchase at our online store, We must accept our privacy policy given the same is essential and imperative for the realization of delivery of our products. However, if you have any questions about this policy you may contact us via our Customer Support, the email or letter (addressed to: Geohunter, Unip, Lda Rua Henrique Barreto, Loja 33, 3060-176 Cantanhede - Portugal).

The security and privacy of Internet users increasingly needs to be preserved and guaranteed. On May 25, 2018 came into effect the greatest change to the security of personal data in the European Union in 20 years. The rights given to EU citizens such as access to information, right to oblivion, permits for contact and autonomous access to rectify exist in our company since its inicio.Os your data is important to us and we guarantee their safety in secure servers. The Geohunter, Unip, Lda is committed to ensuring the privacy, security and confidentiality of your data and not provide them to third parties or companies for advertising purposes or direct marketing or indirect actions.Regulation Data Protection GeneralWe need your consent, specific, informed and explicit to the use of their personal data, and we recommended you also check our Terms and conditionsSince when making your registration, you agree to the conditions of the same, requiring you to meet this new supplement, to know what data we collect about you and for what purposes, their rights and how we protect your information.
GEOHUNTER uses its customer data solely and exclusively for internal use in order to serve its customers in the best way. The registration data we request when registering and the use of that information and data will be carried out in compliance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data - Law 67/98 of 26 October, Data Protection Law and we request only the data strictly necessary (name, address, telephone, TIN and e-mail) for the processing of orders. The personal data collected will be transmitted only to third parties that are companies that transport goods with the sole and exclusive purpose of making and delivering the products purchased by the user, holder of the personal data collected. The entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is GEOHUNTER, UNIP, LDA, headquartered at Rua Principal, nº25, Cabeço Redondo, 3060-751 Corticeiro de Cima, with Taxpayer No. 515552232. GEOHUNTER is committed to ensuring privacy , security and confidentiality of your data and never provide it to third parties or companies for advertising purposes or direct or indirect marketing actions. Any marketing action (sending a Newsletter) will always be carried out directly by GEOHUNTER and only for users who so wish, and this intention can be changed by the customer at any time (by sending an email to
The user will always, under the law, the right of access, rectification and cancellation of any information provided. If you want the complete elimination of your registration data, you can request it in writing by sending an email to our customer service ( ) or letter directly to our head office (address visible in the area contacts of our website), or by phone: 914 185 122.


Cookies are small units of information necessary to be able to identify our client as a user during your online visit. In this way we can guarantee a purchase without difficulty. These cookies do not store any personal or confidential information relating to the user, is only stored the information on popular products.


We guarantee our customers that we do not have access or store information on bank details or credit card. Currently GEOHUNTER only accepts transfer payments Banking, PAYPAL and Money.


The GEOHUNTER may eventually have links to other sites, which, in our view, may contain information / useful tools for our visitors. Our privacy policy does not apply to third party sites, so if you visit another website from our same.Not should read the privacy policy responsible for the privacy practices or content present in those sites.


This website and its corresponding privacy policy are managed by Geohunter, Pvt, Ltd., Based in High Street, # 25, Cabeço Redondo, 3060-751 Corticeiro de Cima and NIF 515552232.Ao navegares on our website you will be consenting to the as described in this privacy policy.


- Respect for the will of the clienteRespeitamos the privacy and security of your personal data, so cherish the respect of the client's will and self-management, free and uncomplicated your privacy preferences. Thus, if they agreed to some extent that this policy can at any time oppose you, coming into contact with us through our Customer Support, the email address: or letter (addressed to: Geohunter, Unip, Lda Henrique Barreto Street, Shop 33, 3060-176 Cantanhede. - Portugal). We will do everything possible to satisfy your will and respect their concerns.

-. Good práticasA Geohunter, Unip, Lda, as personal data controller determines the purposes and the means by which your personal data is processed, including all applicable safety measures. We guarantee that your personal data is processed in Portugal and a correct and lawful manner and in accordance with good practice.

- Strict necessidadeNo processing of data that can identify you personally, directly or indirectly, we apply the principle of strict necessity. For this reason, the use of your personal data will always be minimal, so as not to exceed the original purpose for which they were collected and / or processed.


. The personal data collected and processed by Geohunter, Unip, Lda are only those who voluntarily, expressly and unequivocally colocares the forms website.Os this data collection are: name, sex, date of birth, e-mail, phone, address and NIF. Purpose of the processing of personal data

Your personal data is collected and processed by Geohunter, Unip, Lda. Only for strictly connected purposes to the use of this website, the services associated with it and the sale of goods, performing management and improved customer loyalty program, direct marketing and management customer support.

The Geohunter, Unip, Lda. Always tries to keep the relationship with your customer and provide you with the appropriate benefits, information and relevant content related to our brand. Your data will be processed only for these specific purposes, explicit and legitimate, not subsequently treated in a manner inconsistent with these. The data collected and processed are appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to these purposes.

However, your personal data may also be used for other processing operations within the limits of such applications. In particular, they can be treated for the following purposes: - when you make a purchase on this website, we collect your personal data in the order form (such as e-mail, delivery address, credit card and phone number number) only for the purpose of sale, separation and transport of the products ordered by you; - when solicitous to Customer assistance collect your personal data (such as name and e-mail) only for the purpose of you provide support services Customer's online store relevant to this website and to offer you the assistance we solicitaste; - when you register, collect your personal data in order to simplify the preparation of your future orders; - when subscreves the newsletter, we collect your e-mail in order to offer you this communication service - when you surf on our website, we collect cookies. Depending on the management you do the cookies on our website and your us interaction, use any information collected by these cookies in order to ensure the functioning appropriate on the website, highlighting the proper viewing purposes of content, remember your cart, remember your registration, fit the resolution of your screen, to improve our offerings, among others. This information includes data recording, location, duration of your session, products've selected, your equipment, your browser and your IP address. - when you surf on our website and later visits platforms where there is advertising format (social networks, Google and other partners of these networks) you may be affected by announcements of our brand. also use the data to reach new potential customers who may be interested in our products.

When we collect data, indicate required fields with asterisks when the data in question are required to:

- celebrate our contract with you (for example, for the supply of goods purchased on our website) - to provide you the service that solicitaste (for example, by providing you a newsletter); - respect the statutory requirements (for example, creating invoices).

Your personal data can be communicated to the Geohunter service providers, Unip, Lda. For the provision of services (eg transport companies), or legal, tax and regulatory authorities in order to comply with legal requirements.


For organizational purposes and in order to be able to offer you the best possible service, Geohunter, Unip, Lda. Works together with some external entities to your organization that will process the personal data of users of this website. This sharing of data should be strictly the performance of services provided by Geohunter, Pvt, Ltd., Including the sale of products.

These third parties include carriers, technology providers and digital services and digital marketing platforms. External entities mentioned above were chosen by Geohunter, Unip, Lda. Due to their experience in data processing, guarantees compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and the safety technical measures adopted by them in relation to the processing of personal data .

These third parties will always act according to the instructions provided by Geohunter, Unip, Lda. And only for purposes strictly necessary to its function. Your personal data will be shared with these entities in order to: - provision of electronic payment services, through credit / debit cards; - processing of product sales; - packaging and transportation of products; - solving problems related the sale of products; - rececção of purchasing products payments; - processing of customer product returns;

In addition to the situations listed above, your data may be shared with third parties to: - comply with applicable laws; - responding to lawsuits and government investigations; - comply with valid legal process; - to protect the rights or property of Geohunter, Unip, Lda.


Respect for the client's will is a major concern of Geohunter, Unip, Lda. With regard to the processing of your personal data. However, it does not affect the relationship that we do not fall short of expectations. So we felt that if you kept one relationship with us in the last two years, that is, if efetuaste a purchase, has not proved necessary to have you request consent. Still, if they agreed not can at any time oppose you through our Customer Support, the email address: or by letter to the address already mentioned above.


Exerceres to your right of access, rectification, forgetfulness, limitation, portability or opposition of your personal data, you can do it through the following link, the Customer Support, the email address: or letter (addressed to: Geohunter, Unip, Lda Rua Henrique Barreto, Loja 33, 3060-176 Cantanhede - Portugal).

Should you wish to stop receiving direct marketing communications, you can, at any time, exercise the right to oppose the processing of your personal data through our Customer Support, the email address: or by letter (addressed to: Geohunter, Unip, Lda Rua Henrique Barreto, Loja 33, 3060-176 Cantanhede - Portugal). Also you can do in every newsletter that you receive.


The Geohunter, Unip, Lda. Uses appropriate security measures to protect your personal data against destruction, accidental or unlawful or accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, and against all other unlawful forms of processing . Additionally, contractually require that external trusted entities that deal with your personal data for us to do mesmo.No However, the Geohunter, Unip, Lda. Can not guarantee that the security measures adopted for the protection of this website and the transmission data and information via the same will prevent or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. Thus, we advise you that your computer is equipped with software devices that protect the transmission and reception of data (such as updated antivirus systems)


Your data is stored by Geohunter, Unip, Lda. For the purposes described herein as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned, unless the personal data in question are necessary to demonstrate compliance with legal obligations while not during the limitation period the respective rights, or if there is a longer period of data retention tax by lei.Quando your personal data is no longer needed, they will be removed from our systems and records kept or anonymously so that you may not be identified from them .